The company has a Quality Management System, acc. to ISO 9001, which was implemented in 2002.


By using a Quality Management System based on the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, SN PROMET strives for its development, by ensuring our employees participate and commit to their work in designing and manufacturing robust and durable low-voltage electric equipment, including control and signal systems.
We excel at satisfying customised needs of clients reliably by using a flexible and responsible approach to their requirements. By employing handicapped people, we aim at their full rehabilitation, by promoting professional activity and education.

We are capable of securing the QUALITY guaranteed to the client, by:
• Processing orders on time and in the shortest possible period of time;
• Continuous improving of product manufacturing processes;
• Cost optimisation, by continuous improving of the effectiveness of implemented processes;
• Continuous improving of the efficiency of the Quality Management System;
• Involving employees in developing a product that meets the requirements of the client;
• Working with suppliers that meet certain requirements;
• Maintaining permanent contact with our clients, in collecting information and opinions about our products and services, and by ensuring reliability and responsibility in business relationships;
• Flexibility and an ability to adjust to custom needs of the client.


Quality is a means of achieving a strategic goal, which is a systematic increase in sales and increasing our market share, and well as making our brand more popular.


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