PROMET company located in Sosnowiec (Poland) was founded in 1958. At present it employs about 255 workers.


The company is one of the leading manufacturers of electrotechnics in Poland. It offers a wide range of products. There should be mentioned electrotechnical elements, push-buttons, control boxes, signalling elements, micro-switches and limit switches. PROMET extends its assortment offer systematically. Recently the company launched some new lines of products: universal signalling lamps, LED-indicators, alarm switches and panel-mouted digital meters.
Our products compete on European markets, mainly due to permanent development of the company and good equipment with modern machines and tools. Our signal and control elements have wide practical use in the industry. We always try to develop the latest technology and the high quality of our products. We do our best to satisfy the customers requirements and produce the world-best products.
Moreover PROMET has at its disposal a large stock of machinery and qualified personnel. This enable to enter into cooperation. In addition Promet take a good care of product quality and has an internal laboratory, where products endurance and resistance are tested as well as other technical parameters.
At present SN PROMET employment numbers 255 people. The range of products is developed all the time. 

Since 2002 company has implemented Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

Our products have been awarded the following CERTIFICATES:
Certificates for the Polish market:
Safety certificates, CE declarations of conformity,
CNBOP-PIB certificates for manual fire alarm call points (ROP)
Certificates for the market of a customs union:
(Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan)

In 2007 the company was honored for its activity by Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It was awarded a certificate and statuette “Business Fair Play”. In 2008 Promet was awarded a certificate “Business Fair Play” one more time and obtained “Gold Laurels Expertise and Competency” in category “Crew – common success”.
In 2013, we were awarded the title of “Ice-breaker” in the “Supported Employment” category, in the Silesia Region.
In 2014 our products NEF30 series have won recognition of the Chapter of Polish Promotional Emblem and were included on the list of nominees to receive the Emblem "NOW POLAND" ("TERAZ POLSKA") in the XXIV edition of the competition.
Lately, we have also been awarded with Certificate of Business Credibility for the highest evaluation of company stability in 2014 acc. to Bisnode D&B Polska.


PROMET specializes in production of electrotechnical equipment for low voltage installations:

  • control push-buttons return, emergency stop, with lock, rotary and illuminating designed to be built into standard O 38; 30; 22 mm mounting holes
  • signalling lamps (with bulbs and LEDs), O 30; 22 mm – universal LEDs lamps working with voltage 24-230 V AC/DC
  • universal indicators with LEDs O 30; 22 mm - position indicators, earthing indicators, breaker switch position indicators and phase presence indicators
  • panel-mounted digital meters - voltmeters, ammeters, temperature meters
  • control boxes K1-K5 and KM equipped with control and signalling elements produced by PROMET and control boxes KS1 – KS7 for cranes (max. 14 push-buttons)
  • fire alarm boxes
  • smoke vent buttons
  • emergency switches
  • cam switches S…J 10 – 160A (also sealed - IP65)
  • switches for building in electrical tools (also rocker)
  • miniature switches
  • limit switches in insulating housing series 83 400 (IP65), in metal housing series 83 758 (IP65) with different types of head and drive lever
  • lever switches
  • joysticks 2-, 4- and 8-positions


Moreover PROMET has at its disposal a large stock of machinery and qualified personnel. This enable to enter into cooperation.