Control boxes type KS are designed to control telphers, machine tools, machines, remotely controlled devices and other electric circuits with switching voltage up to 400 V, 50...60 Hz (AC) and 220V DC.



Control boxes consist of one or more (up to 6) typical control elements. There are some various elements:
- signaling and emergency elements;
- elements START STOP of master switch;
- control elements of principal motions;

Signalling elements are equipped with signalling lamp and push buttons of sound signal. Other elements are equipped with two mutually mechanically interlocked control push buttons, which by pressing affect at miniature switches, causing their switch over.

Depending on need, control boxes may be equipped with following types of push buttons:

- single stage push buttons for one control speed;
- two stage push buttons for two control speeds with one push button;
- single stage push buttons for direct control of motors simultaneously with two miniature switches;
- emergency stop, locked push-buttons;
- push-buttons with turned drivers and with locks.

Casing of control box is made of insulating yellow plastic with high dielectric and mechanical strength.

From top control box is tipped with cover with gland for inserting and sealling of conductor.

Under gland is a clamp to fasten the conductor and outside cover there is a holder for suspension control box with external suspension line.

On bottom cover there may be assembled 1 miniature switch type LM1 or set of 2 miniature switches type LM1 equipped with lock (and key), which prevents it from control the control box by improper persons.

The key has two positions:
"0" - system switched off
"I" - system switched on.
The key may be removed in position "0" only.

On supporting structure, inside control box there are two screws M5. One of them located on left side is designed for connecting of protective conductor, and the other one for attaching of carrying wire of conductor.

There are attached lamp holder of signalling lamp and miniature switches type MPO-B on the supporting structure. Switches MPO-B are blinker type. Colours of signalling lamps and number of miniature switches depend on type and functions of control box.


Control boxes may be delivered in the following climatic versions:
- N2 (for temperate climate)
- W3 (for tropical and sea climate).


- with packages, in closed storage rooms, in temperature from +5oC to +35oC, by relative humidity of air up to 70 %, without gases and chemically active substances.


- by covered means of transport only