Info NEF22


Control push button drives type NEF22 with housing made of plastic are designed to be build into standard Ø22,5 mounting holes in consoles, control desks or directly in machines and equipment.

They are designed to cooperate with contral blocks type EF22X and EF22Y produced by SN PROMET

    Push button drives consist of:
    - driving unit
    - intermediate unit (fitted for connecting contact blocks EF22)

Illuminated push button drives should be provide with illuminating element fastened to the intermediate unit.

The housing of push button drive with a rubber seal is put into the mounting hole from the frontal side of the console, tighten up the fastening back nut under the console and join contact block with the intermediate unit.

Drive type NEF22 is only a part of control push button. Complete push button consists of:

    - drive type NEF22
    - 1 - 6 control blocks type EF22 ordered separately (in case of illuminated push buttons there are max 4 control blocks)
    - universal illuminating block EF22L (in case of illuminated push buttons)