Info NEF30


Control push-buttons type NEF30 with metal housings are designed to be built into Ø30,5 holes in consoles, control desks or directly in machines and equipment. There are produced two climatic versions N/2 and W/3.

Each push-buttons type NEF30 consists of the following units:

    - a driving unit, called the button drive
    - one, two or three contact blocks fastened to drive.

Illuminated push-buttons have additionally illuminating unit, fastened to drive.

Fastening of push-buttons type NEF30 is made by means of clamp nuts. The housing of push-button is put into the hole in the console, then follows the sealing ring and a fancy, nickeled back nut and finally the clamp nut screwed from the bottom.

Illuminated push-buttons have additional flat nut under the conical back nut. This makes possible to replace damaged bulbs after unscrewing back nut.

Control push-buttons are delivered as complete products according to orders.