The II PD type manual smoke vent button is intended for the controlling of smoke dampers, providing a simultaneous local 1- or 3-LED light signalling, depending on design.
In the case of a 1-LED signalling, activating the button makes the LED flash red, while pressing the button on a 3-LED signalling system makes the LEDs emit continuous light and indicate the
following: detection (green), failure (yellow), and activation (red). 
The button is equipped with passive electronic components. 
The button meets the requirements regarding products intended to ensure public safety or to protect health, life and property (Journal of Laws 2007, No. 143, item 1002; Journal of Laws 2010,
No. 85, item 553), and is in accordance with Directive 93/68/EEC of 22nd June 1993.



PD _____   _____   _____

Type of design:
M - With a hammer for breaking glass
D - Without a hammer

1 - 24V AC/DC
2 - 230V AC
3 - 3-LED signalling system 24V AC/DC

Type of connection unit:
XY - NC/NO contact
2X - Two contacts that open, after the glass panel has been broken
2Y - Two contacts that close, after the glass panel has been broken



Insulation rated voltage (Ui)    500 V

Rated switching currents (Ie)   

AC15 Ue 230V/400V            6A/4A
DC13 Ue 24V/110V/220V     4A/1A/0.25A

Signalling rated voltage (Us)  

24V AC, DC   or   230V AC

Maximum effective resistance of contacts  10 mΩ
Cross-section of the connected external  0.28 ... 1.5 mm2
Conductors Protection class    IP 54
Range of working temperatures   -30oC to +70oC
Weight of PD-M    273.9 g


Rysunek PD

Method of installation

The rear side of the enclosure for a PD smoke vent button contains two hole plugs (under screw shields), intended for 4.1 mm assembly openings. The two hole plugs must be forced open. When installed, cover the screws with shields.


Activating and cancelling

The activating of a PD smoke vent button is done by breaking the glass panel. Cancelling is possible, when the damaged (broken) glass panel has been replaced with a new one.
Carry out the following to replace the glass panel:
- Undo the two collar bolts with triangular heads, and remove the front panel.
- Undo the two sheet-metal screws that fasten the glass panel.
- Remove glass residues and install a new glass panel.


Testing of a PD smole vent button

The alarm status can be simulated in the following way:
- Undo the two collar bolts with triangular heads, and remove the front panel.
- Undo the two sheet-metal screws that fasten the glass panel, and then remove the glass panel.
This method enables the testing of a PD smoke vent button, without breaking the glass panel. The PD button is additionally equipped with a special spanner for collar bolts.

Spare parts

SN PROMET offers the following products:
- A complete set of glass panels;
- A hammer;
- A spanner with a pin (for service purposes).

Schematy ROP i PD